Both Rainer's and Susanna's families are musically inclined, as you would guess from the wedding program as well as pre-and post wedding activities.

Rainer is, of course, a very capable amateur musician with his own band, T4U, his mother sings in the Moving Hands Gospel Choir, and his father in the Ammersee Shanty Chor, both in Bavaria. Susanna's mother is 1st tenor in the DCAT Chorus in Toronto, Canada (also responsible for its website). Susanna's brother, Johan, is a former D.J. as well as composer of electronic music and professional audio engineer, employed by Riedel Communications,Wuppertal, Germany.

Here are the choirs and on their websites (links above) you can find samples of their music:

"Moving Hands" (Marianne is 5th from the right):

"http://ammersee-shantychor.de/" (Ernst is 4th from the right):

"DCAT Chorus" (Kerstin in blue poodle skirt):

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